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I'm Angela, a passionate macramé designer and dedicated high school home economics teacher based in Kelowna BC.

As a macramé enthusiast, I find joy in weaving together intricate designs that breathe life into spaces. Each knot tells a story, and I love the challenge of creating bespoke pieces that reflect the unique styles and personalities of my clients. From elegant wall hangings to functional plant hangers, I am on a mission to infuse homes and events with the timeless beauty of macramé.

Beyond the world of fibers and knots, I am equally dedicated to nurturing young minds as a high school home economics teacher. In the classroom, I foster a love for practical life skills, empowering the next generation with knowledge about nutrition, sewing, and the art of creating a home. It's incredibly rewarding to witness my students develop their skills and discover the joys of self-sufficiency.


My journey is an intersection of two worlds - the creative realm of macramé design and the inspiring landscape of education. Whether I'm crafting a new macramé masterpiece or guiding my students through the intricacies of home economics, my goal is the same: to inspire, create, and leave a positive impact on those I encounter.

Join me on this journey of creativity, education, and a celebration of the beautiful threads that connect us all. Let's weave the story of life, one knot at a time.

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